Friday, September 25, 2009

Police Station Steel Work

The steel framing for the new Police Station is being installed and you can start to see the footprint of the building. This will be a two story building.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Police Station Foundation Poured

Last week the foundation for the Police Station was poured and it was very successful. There is a lot of organizing that has to take place before and during the pour. Here are some photos of the crew from Krieghoff-Lenawee working on the pour.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Library's Inside Construction Wall Removed to Reveal Your New Adrian Public Library

The Library's inside construction wall was removed to provide access for the installation of flooring by Krieghoff-Lenawee's crew. The new public areas (teen room, cafe and casual seating mezzanine) were revealed for the first time to our library visitors. The attached photos highlight these areas and the view from the mezzanine looking out into downtown Adrian. The renovated areas are beautiful and greatly expand the library's public areas. The opportunity for expanded service the renovations provide along with the influx of natural light into the building thrilled our staff and patrons. Stop by soon and check our the new view!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Police Station Progress

There is a frenzy of activity from various trades taking place on the police station lot. At any time you might find masons, electricians, plumbers, and other trades working. Over the last week the elevator shaft for the new Police Station was installed by the masons from Hikes and Dominque. The crew from Heritage Plumbing and Heating worked on implementing their design. Service Electric ran their lines in preparation for Krieghoff-Lenawee's concrete pour. The Krieghoff-Lenawee crew even worked on the Saturday before Labor Day to prepare for the big job that will start Tuesday!

Library Lane and Sidewalks Returns

Library Lane is the alley between the Library and the new City Hall (former Bank of Lenawee Building). For some time we have been fighting water issues in Library Lane that required the removal of the brick pavers and the installation of a concrete pathway with improved drainage. Rock Hard Concrete was hired by the City to install new concrete. Along with the return of Library Lane the sidewalks along the south side of the library are returning. Soon you will see the sidewalks along the north side of the library return. The pavers immediate adjacent to the library's north side were removed to make way for the new concrete sidewalks once the storm lines for the new police station are installed. The sidewalk will make it easier to maintain this area during the winter months and easier for our visitors to walk on.