Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Progress on south and north side renovations

Placement of steel for the support columns on the south side of the library is moving forward now that water suppression is under control. Steel was delivered today and the poles are being placed in their proper locations. Soon masonry work will begin and you will start to see the new footprint of the coffee shop and teen room emerge.

On the north side of the building demo work continues in the elevator pit and water suppression will start to be addressed this week. T. J. Roofing will be on site soon to open up the library's roof to make room for the new elevator once the demo work is completed by Kreighoff-Lenawee .

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Monumental Day at the Library

Heavy construction is now taking place on all four sides of the library as of today (April 16, 2009). The insulation (EFIS) covering all four sides of the building is being removed to address the water issues the library is facing. It will be replaced by 8 feet of brick along the base of the building's north, east and west walls. Above the brick on these walls will be placement of new EFIS to water proof the building. The front of the building on Maumee is being removed to make room for the new facade which will feature brick and stone from the sidewalk to the concrete cap above the front doors.

The new elevator arrived today and it was pretty amazing to watch that being delivered. Our current elevator will be down for about two months during the elevator replacement. Please pardon the equipment located on the main floor of the library as work is taking place to remove the old elevator and prepare for the installation of the new elevator. If you need assistance to access materials located on the youth floor please let any employee know and we would be pleased to assist you.