Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Coffee Shop Update

The location for the proposed coffee shop at the Adrian Public Library is on the east side of the new front doors along Maumee Street. It is located on the main floor of the library and will have a separate entrance that will allow customers to enter and exit directly into the coffee shop. With this design the coffee shop will be able to open during the early morning hours when we most need a cup of coffee! Once the library opens at 10 a.m. you can easily move between the coffee shop and the library via an entrance directly into the library from the coffee shop. The City of Adrian will be releasing requests for proposals or qualifications for potential coffee shop vendors later this year. If you have an interest please be sure to visit the city's web site at or this spot for the details. The coffee shop area is approximately 470 square feet on the main floor and there will be extensive storage space for the coffee shop vendor in the library.