Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Electrical Work

What is Going on Behind that Barricade?

In preparation for the library's renovation project the electrical system was analyzed. It was determined that the electrical frame work must be updated before significant construction can take place. The current electrical system is over 50 years old and much of the frame work is being replaced. At the same time we will move the electrical system underground which will make Library Square a much more attractive area. The new electrical system will also address the needs of the other buildings in the new City Complex. The new electrical system will service both the new City Hall and the police station. Due to this electrical update the library will be closed for a few days in late July. More details on the dates of closure will be available as this project moves further along. This investment will allow the library and eventually the new City Complex buildings to run much more efficiently. Once the electrical system is updated renovation will take place along Maumee Street.